February in Photos

So we have had a pretty busy month just having fun and hanging together. Here ar the highlights of our month! Some things we did this month are: go the Birch Aquarium, went to Dave & Busters (an arcade fun for adults and kids!), worked on our invention for Kayden’s first annual Invention Convention at school (we made a Hairgonizer to organize the boat load of hair accessories we own!), we swam at Mimi’s house, and we went to the Wild Animal Park!! We had a great month making fun memories!!

22-Jan-2017 12:14
02-Feb-2017 08:48
05-Feb-2017 09:20
05-Feb-2017 16:10
12-Feb-2017 15:44
10-Feb-2017 13:20
10-Feb-2017 13:21
13-Feb-2017 16:28
15-Feb-2017 12:44
17-Feb-2017 16:49
23-Feb-2017 09:38
26-Feb-2017 11:03
01-Mar-2017 17:12
04-Mar-2017 12:26
04-Mar-2017 12:42

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