Spring Break 2017

I feel like Spring Break came a little early this year. We are no where near Easter, for example. I remember Spring Break immediately following Easter or backing up to it. Not this year, but that’s okay!! We had hopes of going to Palm Springs this year, but Scotty being the important guy he is, got called on to travel for the week. So Spring Break was just me and the girls… and we had fun!!

Day 1: We went shopping for new clothes and finished with a Blizzard and a visit to the park!

28-Mar-2017 14:00
28-Mar-2017 13:59

Day 2: We met Eli and Maica at the Encinitas Botanical Gardens. I have heard so much about the Gardens and always wanted to go, but just never got around to it. We had fun exploring the plants and flowers and the different play areas set up for the kids!

27-Mar-2017 12:23
27-Mar-2017 12:23

Day 3: We met up with Kim and her two older girls- Addison and Reese- at the Irvine Spectrum. We had SO much fun catching up and just hanging out. I don’t care how much time goes by between my visits with my BBF, it feels like I just saw her the day before. I loved watching our girls run around and telling stories as if they too have known each other forever and no time has passed. It is so crazy to think that Kim and I met at Addison’s age! We have truly been so lucky to stay in each other’s lives and watch each other as we build families and tackle this little thing called LIFE! She has 4 kids and honestly blows my mind at what a wonderful wife and mother she is. So lucky to know her! Unfortunately, we didn’t take any pics together and managed to get a few pics at lunch and in the parking lot before we left! 

29-Mar-2017 13:05
29-Mar-2017 13:05
29-Mar-2017 11:35
29-Mar-2017 11:11

Day 4: We had another play date with one of the little girls in Kayden’s class. We went to the park and played for a few hours and then had a picnic. Parks are kind of hit and miss, but one thing both girls LOVE is a good ‘ol picnic! No pictures taken on Day 4.

Today is Day 5 and the girls spent the day with Mimi (THANK YOU MIMI for my  well deserved break!). We are headed to Happy Hour with our gang of families at one of our local favorite Breweries- Bagby’s.

We still have the weekend to party it up and end our Spring Break with a BANG!!

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