Start to Summer 2017

20-Jun-2017 12:59

Our summer is off to a GREAT start! We are really so lucky to live where we do. We have the beach, aquariums, zoos, parks, theme parks, good weather, and so much more! We are totally taking full advantage of where we live this summer! So far we have done Birch Aquarium, The Wild Animal Park, Seaworld, the train, the pool, and a TON of beach days!! So lucky to live where we live!!

20-Jun-2017 12:59
20-Jun-2017 12:59
20-Jun-2017 12:56
20-Jun-2017 12:56
20-Jun-2017 12:55
14-Jun-2017 18:10
14-Jun-2017 18:09
14-Jun-2017 18:08
13-Jun-2017 16:07
13-Jun-2017 13:12
11-Jun-2017 14:53
11-Jun-2017 14:52
10-Jun-2017 17:07
08-Jun-2017 12:21
08-Jun-2017 12:20
08-Jun-2017 12:19

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